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Making Group Calls Easier

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Coach Miller went back to the window and pulled the curtain aside. Even if the rain stopped completely, the field was fully soaked. He was disappointed that the match had to be cancelled. He know that his players were tough. They’d try to trudge through the mud even if their cleats got stuck with every step. But today his tough players wouldn’t get the chance. The only thing left to do now was let them know. He dialed Call Together phone number for his team and, all at once, he was connected to every player’s landline or cell phone to deliver the news. They didn’t take it so bad.

Sammy’s hotel phone rang. He picked it up excitedly. Sammy knew who was on the other line. “Hello,” he answered.
“Sammy, are you ready?” Simon’s voice asked?
Then Sammy recognized his mother’s response. “We’re all going to meet in the lobby now,” she said.
He distinctly heard two of his cousins also, but he knew they were all staying in different hotel rooms. Sammy’s mother was even staying in hotel that was a few blocks away.  Still, Simon had reached them all simultaneously on a Call Together Call, by dialing one simple number. “Remember, we’re meeting for breakfast in 10 minutes, then off to the French Quarter” he reminded.

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The shop lead looked concerned, but composed. “You gotta get to the emergency room,” He said calmly. “I’m pretty sure it’s broken.  Jake didn’t argue. He just shook his head and left the floor, holding his arm. Now the shop floor was down to two men. There were six techs on call, and the lead didn’t care which one came in, as long as somebody did.  He knew he only had to dial one phone number to call all six of his eager employees at the same time.  The lead knew that as soon as one of his workers picked up the phone, the other workers’ phones would stop ringing. He thought of Ben Franklin’s old adage: The early bird gets the worm. Then dialed the Early Bird Call number for that shift.

“That is the perfect rental,” Sherry thought as she left the open house and headed for her car. She had six clients that would love to hear about this property.  She attached her Bluetooth headset and dialed the number she assigned to her rental clients as she opened the car door. One by one, she told each client about the property’s features, amenities and price.  Her phone dialed each one automatically. Single File Dial meant Sherry didn’t have to look up any of their phone numbers, and she was done by the time she pulled into her driveway. 

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It was already five o’clock. Carter was supposed to have been on his way home a half hour ago, but the meeting went far longer than he expected. Then he remembered that he was supposed to pick up his daughter from volleyball practice. His wife would have to pick her up today. It’s just that Carter wasn’t quite sure where to reach his wife. Was she still at work? Was she in the car? Was she at home right now? He decided to call her at all of those places, at the same time, by dialing just one Early Bird Call number. It would dial all of her numbers at the same time, so wherever she was, she’d get the call.

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