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Making Group Calls Easier



  1. Why does sign in require Facebook?

    Facebook allows for one-click sign in. With Facebook sign in, you do not need to create an account or remember passwords. Kuvi believes that making group calls should be fun and easy. Cumbersome call setups are best left for large businesses.

  2. I am worried that Kuvi will post to my facebook feed.

    Do not worry. Kuvi does not post to your facebook feed. When you sign in with facebook, Kuvi does not request the special permission to post to your wall. Without this special permission, technically, it is impossible for Kuvi to post to your wall.

  3. What information does Kuvi store about me?

    Kuvi stores your name, e-mail address, outstanding credits and the contacts and groups you have created. Kuvi also stores your facebook id.

  4. I do not have a facebook account. Can I sign up any other way?

    At this time, facebook is the only option to sign in. In the future, we will allow Google and other popular sign in methods. Please stay tuned.

  5. Why does Kuvi ask for my phone number?

    For security reasons, calls to your group are allowed only from your registered phone number. We need to know your phone number and validate it to ensure that you own that phone number.

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Adding Contacts

  1. Do you allow international phone numbers?

    At this time, only US phone numbers are allowed. International numbers will be added shortly. 

  2. How do I create a group?

    You have to create a contact before creating a group. Once you have created a contact, Drag and drop your contacts to the already existing empty group box. As you start adding contacts, your group will be assigned a number which will be visible on the top of the box.This is your new permanent phone number for the group. You will use this number to dial the group.  

  3. How do I call a group?

    Each of the group has a 10 digit US phone number that is displayed at the top of the group box. You have to call the number from your registered phone number.

  4. I really need to dial international numbers. Please.

    OK. Please send an e-mail to support[at]nethram.com .We can enable international dialling to certain countries.

  5. I am able to add the same contact to the group multiple times. That is a bug.

    It is not a bug. In some cases you might want to reach the same number multiple times. Eg. In the case of single file, you might want to reach Mom Dad and then Mom. In the case of Call Together, you might want to reach an office where there are many people behind the same number.

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Making calls

  1. Do I need a smart phone or a data plan?

    No. The groups can be setup from any computer with internet access. Once the groups are setup, you can call from your registered phone. The registered phone could be an landphone, office phone or a cell phone.

  2. What are the types of calls?

    There are three types of calls.

    Call Together - Call everyone in a conference

    Single File Dial - Call one at a time

    Early Bird - Call everyone, and connect to the person who picked up first.

  3. What is Call Together?

    Call Together lets you dial a single phone number to reach up to 10 different telephones from anywhere.

    It’s like a conference call on-the-go. All the numbers are on the line, all can talk, all are part of the conversation.

  4. What is Single File?

    IF you need to call a group of people one at a time, Single File is the way to go. You dial just one number, but your phone calls everybody that you need. When one party hangs up, you are automatically connected to the next phone number.

  5. What is Early Bird?

    With Early Bird, you can dial multiple phone numbers at the same time, but as soon as the first party picks up, the other phones stop ringing.

  6. In a Single File Dial, the call went to voicemail. I want to hang up.

    In a Single File, when you press * on your phone, the current call will be disconnected and you will be connected to the next person in the group.

  7. What will my friends see as caller ID?

    The caller ID will be your registered phone number. That is one reason why we ask to validate your phone number.

  8. Do I need to be in front of the computer to make calls?

    No. After the contacts and groups are created, you can call the group from anywhere, anytime from your registered phone number.

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  1. Do you have a free trial?

    Yes. You will get 10 minutes of calling when you sign up. Free trial is limited and when we have exhausted the limit, we will put you in waiting list and will inform you when minutes are added to your account.

  2. I need to add more minutes.

    You get 200 minutes of outgoing call time for $10. We accept PayPal and Google Checkout

  3. How are call charges calculated?

    Outgoing call time is calculated from the time the first call is dialed out to the time you hang up. For Call Together, each number dialed out will count as one outgoing call, irrespective of how long each numbers stay in the conference.

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