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Making Group Calls Easier

Do you feel your voice calls are so 19th century?

Communicating same information by phone to a group of people within a short period can be cumbersome and boring. You might want to make an announcement to everyone in the group. You might just want to reach any one person in the group whoever is available at the time but you don’t know who it will be. Perhaps you want the conversation to be private but have to do so with each person in the group by dialing each of their numbers separately. Making these types of calls can be a headache to many of us.

Kuvi makes these group calls easy and also fun. Using a powerful drag and drop interface, create your contacts and groups. Drag and drop the numbers to the groups as you want. Start making calls using your existing landline or cell phones in less than 2 minutes. It’s that powerful. It’s that simple.

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Discussion with 10 Friends
With Kuvi
Numbers to dial
Waiting for answer
  100 secs
  10 secs
Total time on the phone
 20 mins
 2 mins
Follow up phone calls
 Total Time Spent
 30 mins
 3 mins
 Cost (assuming 10c/min for mobile calls)

Call Together

Call Together is an option where you can dial a single phone number to reach up to 10 different telephones numbers from anywhere. It’s like a conference call on-the-go. All numbers are on the line, all can talk and all are part of the conversation.

Single File

Single File is the way to go when you need to call a group of people one at a time. You dial a single number, but your phone calls everybody that you need. When one party hangs up, you are automatically connected to the next phone number.

Early Bird

Early Bird is the option where you can dial multiple phone numbers at the same time, but as soon as the first party picks up, the other phones stop ringing.

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